Here, we’ll try to address some n00b issues you may encounter while playing this game.

Q: I am receiving an error trying to install the game on Windows 8. How do I fix this? A: Alternate click the Install.exe file, click Properties. Select the compatibility tab. Ensure that "Run the program in compatibility mode for:" box is checked. Select Windows 7 from the drop-down list and click OK. You should be good to go now!

Q: My screen is dark as crap! How do I adjust this? A: From Main Menu or the Pause menu, click Video. Under Brightness, move the slider left or right to your liking.

Q: The game is super-laggy. How can I improve my Frames Per Second? A: Make sure your hardware can adequately run the game. See Minimum System Requirements below! Once that’s out of the way, there are three choices for video performance in the Options – Video menu. Try “Simple” graphics and see if things improve.

Q: I’m one of “those” gamers that MUST have my Y-Axis inverted. How do I adjust this? A: All Controls settings are adjustable in-game. Start or Load a game, then access the Pause Menu. Click Controls. Here, you can flip the Y-Axis (Up and Down Axis), or adjust sensitivity for your little game pad or mouse.

Q: I’m getting strange graphics and artifacts that defy gaming physics on-screen! What is going on? A: If your graphics drivers are up to date, your graphics card is likely on fire. Call your PC Technician if it is not yourself. If your PC technician is yourself, you will go straight to voicemail for yourself. Leave self message to check for hardware problems.

Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux, or OSX

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz P4 or equivalent/higher

Memory: 2GB Ram Video Card: 1GB graphics adapter. – On-Board Graphics Adapters are NOT for gaming!

HDD Space: 2GB Soundcard: Seriously, do you not have a sound card?

We were totally going to leave this page blank for space issues, but then we realized you might want to contact us to tell us about a bu... err, we mean “unexpected situation” you may have found. For example, if the various characters in the game suddenly changed genders on you. Or, when you clicked New Game, the game started when you weren’t ready. These are things we need to know about to help us improve your experience with our game. After gallons of sweat and thorough testing, unforeseen bugs or glitches can still occur. No two players are alike, and there is no program without the probability of this. Hell, remember that PONG game? The developers left these HUGE holes on each side of the paddles. It caused players to get points. They’re still working on a fix for that.

To contact our fine establishment to inform us of such things, please send us an email: support@onthelevelgames.com Please include in your email (to expedite the process most fastestlierest) the following information:

1.What happened? (and did this happen more than once?)

2.Provide Steps to Reproduce – This one can get tricky. Just do your best to explain exactly what you did to see the issue.

3.Provide Screenshots or Video if possible – Not absolutely necessary, but anything helps!

The more details you can provide will greatly increase our chances of identifying and correcting the issue. We want you to feel you can get this stuff off your chest so you can keep a clear head! Surely we will rest better, too!

NOTE: When you may seem ‘stuck’, fret not. You may have hit an Autosave Point. Simply quit your game, and Load the Autosave. Boom. You are approximately where you left off.

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