Whether you're in the mood for first-person shooting, sports, survival horror, driving or stealth - or you just feel like drinking a few beers and passing out on a golf course - The Curse of Nordic Cove is ready for you.

With a mouse and keyboard or controller at your fingertips, traverse the game’s many levels and attempt to survive the night. Each new chapter brings more insane enemies to clobber, challenging obstacles to overcome and life-threatening opportunities to collect those all important score points. Whether because of laughter or slaughter, one thing's for certain: if you don't play wisely, you’ll die. A LOT.

As each level brings a new genre and challenge, you'll have a set of icons, bars and meters to pay attention to. These include a life bar for showing how much more punishment you can take from the minions of your Nordic nemesis, a special meter allowing you to perform special attacks or abilities, a mini-map (where applicable) so you don't get lost, and an equipped weapon icon.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff you'll come across...


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